LT138 Load Trail 83X14 Utility Trailer HD W/Gate

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The LT138 Load Trail 83X14 Utility Trailer HD W/Gate, measuring in at 83 inches by 14 feet and featuring a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 7,000 pounds, is the workhorse you deserve on the road.

This trailer features a wood floor, removable fenders, and metal gates and railings for a durability you can count on. The wood floor is treated so your gear (and you) won’t slip, and aluminum fenders will stand up to any conditions without the threat of rust. Side rails help keep your gear in place as you travel, but can be easily removed at your convenience.

A four foot, fold in gate works together with side rails to keep your gear in place while you travel. It’s made from durable metal that will hold up for the long run. This gate also features a “spring assist” to help the gate fold so unloading is as easy as it gets.

Feature Highlights

Open Deck Design

This trailer’s open deck design can handle loads of all shapes and sizes and requires less space to store than an enclosed trailer.

Aluminum Teardrop Fenders

Protect your wheels while you’re out on the road with aluminum teardrop fenders. Aluminum is more resilient in tough conditions compared to steel or plastic, so you can rest assured that your wheels will stay protected no matter the elements.

Treated Wood Floor

The base of this trailer is treated wood for resilient, durable, and slip-proof performance no matter the conditions. Wood is an easy material to maintain and repair, and won’t scrape or squeak as you move your equipment.

Removable Square Tube Side Rails

Sometimes a little extra security helps increase our peace of mind. The Square Tube Side Rails on this trailer will help keep your hauling load safely in place when you’re traveling long distances or on back roads. These rails are removable for your convenience.